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  • 26 Jan

  • Regency Creative

These images are taken from the  Yellow Canyon Series  paintings  which  I have been working on this series for the last 9 months. They formed the centre of my Exhibition at the Ply Gallery, London N8  in May 2017.


Legacy. 2017. Collage: original acrylic painting, photocopy, drawing, ink, paper.

In July 2017, at the Espacio Gallery, in Shoreditch London  I showed collages on the themes of the sea, the deep, the migrants  lost at sea at the Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London. This collage series also draws on biographic images from my family’s past which was rooted in the Thames, and seafaring.


Horizon. 2017. Collage: Paper, Acrylic, Ink , photocopy, original painting on paper

Reverie. 2017. Collage : paper, acrylic on paper, Japanese printed paper. ink.