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The Now Project: 4 Artists working in Performance and Video; Sound;  3D construction; Painting

The NOW  Project undertook a 5 day residence in London’s  Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre in July 2015. The  artists comprising the Now Project include myself,  Sabrina Osborne,   Peter Coyte,  and Paul Berry.  The five days we spent in this 1935  extraordinary modernist  building was both a site specific project, and also an exploration of the present moment for each of us. Sabrina filmed some performance pieces. Peter recorded and worked on sound pieces.  Paul  worked  in the digital terrain with  photography and 3D construction. My work, based on paint and using paper and drawing started with an exploration of some derelict tiled floor in the carpark out the back of the Town Hall.

The work   represented, inquired into, and documented the intersections of  two axis – the Now and Collaboration between us.

Each of the four artists has a unique and personal  relationship to the Now. For some of us it is represented by the impact of today’s News in a digital environment. For others its psychological dimensions are paramount. For others the focus is on the biological/behavioural aspects of the present moment.
The core group is committed to keeping the process an open collaborative exploration of whatever the Now means to each artist in the group.

The exhibition of the Now projects work will open on Thursday 15th September 2016 at the Ply gallery, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, London N8. Please click on News for more information about the Exhibition.

There are also discussions going on with various artists for a collaborative project we call Borders/Borderlands. Liz Brown and myself have done a collaborative photoshoot in the ‘borderlands’ of Tilbury and East Tilbury where London ends and the Thames Estuary begins. We exhibited a slide show of our work at the Random 1 Exhibition at the Ply Gallery, N8, CNV00015 in November 2016