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The Humans Need to Connect Project

This is being started in July 2017. Please scroll down for more information.

Past Lives:

My life in the Arts began with the publication of the book Slump City when I was 27. Soon I joined the film and TV group Newsreel Collective, where I worked on the award-winning drama “True Romance Etc.”


Twenty years of collaborative TV and Film work followed which included many individual documentaries and the Arts Council funded experimental “Fathers and Sons” project. I also directed  and produced  for Channel 4’s   experimental 11th hour slot. I then went on to work as an Executive Producer in BBC TV.

Now Project 0005

I began painting during this time and when I left the BBC I studied Fine Art at UEL. Today my art practice takes up most of my working life. I combine painting ( as member of  Espacio Gallery and Crouch End Open Studios) with Photography, Project and Installation type work.  I was part of a group of four artists  who undertook a two year collaborative project – the Now Project. The work was shown  at the Ply Gallery, London N8 in September 2016.  It was a great experience. It was appreciated by many who came and we all felt it was a significant success. One of the reasons why it worked so well was that it was two years in the making.


The Humans Need to Connect Project

Now I feel ready to start another long tern collaborative project  To this end I am now exploring ways of working with other artists around the theme of ‘human connectedness” .  Artists should be happy to find out that international studies show that happiness does not come from money or success but from a rich web of relationships and inter-connectedness.   The Humans Need to Connect project is a long term one. If you are interested please contact me at