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In October 2018  I am part of a Degrees of Freedom Exhibition  from  6-14th October at St Augustine’s Tower in the heart of  Hackney – right by the pedestrianised part of Mare Street. The Exhibition is titled:  Friends of interpretable spaces

September 2018 – on the afternoon of September 15th 2018, the film ” Welcome to the Spiv Economy” will be shown at the Barbican 3 Cinema as part of a season titled “Television will be Revolutionised”. Funded by Channel 4, I directed this documentary  for the Newsreel Collective of which I was a member. It was Tx by Channel 4 in 1987. The season is inspired by the films made under the innovative Workshop Declaration.
May 2018 
Crouch End Open Studios Exhibition in Ply Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre.
February 2018

At Espacio Gallery as part of the show “Yellow”
September 2017 
Contributing Artist to the Degrees of Freedom show :” The Republic of Brexitopia” At Espacio Gallery.
July 2017
Show of my collages titled: The Sea, The Sea. Espacio Gallery.
May 2017 
Crouch End Open Studio show in Play Gallery. Rolled out the installation – At the Grand Canyon.
September 2016








“Now Project ” launches at the Ply Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre.




July 2015

Residency at the Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre for 4 artists to work on the Now Project











Past Lives:

My life in the Arts began with the publication of the book Slump City when I was 27. Soon I joined the film and TV group Newsreel Collective, where I worked on the award-winning drama “True Romance Etc.”


Twenty years of collaborative TV and Film work followed which included many individual documentaries and the Arts Council funded experimental “Fathers and Sons” project. I also directed  and produced  for Channel 4’s   experimental 11th hour slot. I then went on to work as an Executive Producer in BBC TV.

Now Project 0005

I began painting during this time and when I left the BBC I studied Fine Art at UEL. Today my art practice takes up most of my working life. I combine painting ( as member of  Espacio Gallery and Crouch End Open Studios) with Photography, Project and Installation type work.  I was part of a group of four artists  who undertook a two year collaborative project – the Now Project. The work was shown  at the Ply Gallery, London N8 in September 2016.  It was a great experience. It was appreciated by many who came and we all felt it was a significant success. One of the reasons why it worked so well was that it was two years in the making.